Magnus Sinding

About Magnus

goodday tallMagnus is a versatile performer with experience in musical, children’s and dramatic theatre as well as film, voice-over and audiobook recording. Magnus’ work spans cartoony panto villains via urban sci-fi antiheroes to understated dramatic performances, and he relishes any opportunity to apply his physicality and vocal abilities in new, unexplored situations.

At 6 foot and 11 stone, and being very physically active, Magnus has a slim athletic build. His natural speaking accent is RP English (though he’s been known to dabble in Louisiana, General American, East London, a range of Norwegian accents and lately Yorkshire) and he is a baritone singer with some bass and tenor leanings.

Writing is another of Magnus’ favourite pursuits: He’s always working on at least one writing project. His passion for writing and art combined at the young age of five when he almost finished a comic book. It told the story of a skeleton whose toes curled up in the rain, and would surely have won a Pulitzer had it been finished.

There is no question in his mind that if Magnus was an animal he’d be a flat coated retriever. There seems to be no end to his energy, and his buoyant mood is nigh impossible to break. That, or a platypus: An animal stuck between worlds, never wholly one type of animal, but always 100% himself. Like a platypus, he also has a poisonous stinger on his shin*.

*that last one might not actually be true.


Coming up:

  • Appearing as rock legend HAVOC in the upcoming web series Crime Squad.
  • Filmed a part in the interactive story game Contradiction, due out in 2014.